McGill Grocery Store

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  • Knowledge is power
  • The Future Of Possible
  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
  • Tip of the day: That man again
  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
  • Spieth in danger of missing cut
The first item in this section is a photograph of the McGill Grocery Store in Rondo. The item was brought during the Rondo History Harvest by Thomas Kustermann, the grandson of the original store owner. During its existence it was described as an important social center in the community, people would gather and talk each day as they came to buy items. Mr. Kustermann also describes that after the McGill grocery store closed down, alternative business filled the void, such as a tailor shop and barber shop. The importance of this photograph and a narrative cannot be understated. The McGill grocery store represents what used to be a strong community in Rondo. Neighbors had local spaces where they could socialize and buy goods to meet their needs. In addition, the McGill grocery store reinforces the fact that Rondo community was wrongly devalued and labeled as a “slum”.


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